Beanie The Jet

Beanie The Jet is a curvaceous, outrageous Filth Queen with a love for all things sassy, asstastic and full of filthy  magic. 


Toxic Cherry

Toxic Cherry


Dmitry Politov

Dmitry Politov known for his crazy flips and tricks is a world renowned Pole Champion. 


Vanessa Bagge

Vanessa has been poling for 10 years and is know for her love of splits and stunning pole tricks and transitions


Ela Aur

A force of nature on the stage, Ela Aur is all about giving face and taking up space.

Emma Coffey.jpg

Emma Coffey

Emma knows that pole dance and feeling sexy and empowered is something that is deserved for everyone.


Jo Dandridge

Jo has been at the forefront of the industry for 16 years, and has a strong background in dance and fitness, having trained in Ballet, Modern, Latin, Ballroom and Freestyle


Kitty Velour

Kitty Velour is a pole princess, aerialist and striptease showgirl; notorious for her twerking prowess, freaky flexibility and show-stopping floorwork skills

Dr Carolina Are

Dr. Carolina Are, aka Blogger On Pole, is a blogger, activist, researcher and a pole instructor. 


Vania Noble

Vania Noble is the owner and founder of Pole Effect Studio in Worcestershire; she has been pole dancing since 2010.



Noe (all pronouns) has been pole dancing for a little short of 5 years. Their style of pole has been described as 'alternative and kinda punk', 'sad but sexy' and 'infuriatingly buttery'.


Jakub Kolasa

Jakub has been pole dancing since 2012 with a 6 year background in Latin Ballroom and Contemporary Dance.



Bex is an experienced professional pole instructor, performer, judge and compère, and is a fully qualified X Pole XPERT pole fitness instructor.

Leah Rose .jpg

Leah Rose

Leah Rose is an international instructor, performer and judge


Cyd Sailor

Cyd Sailor is the 2015 French Pole Dancing Champion, known for her unique burlesque style


Kheanna Walker

Kheanna is a pole, fitness and flexibility instructor based in Glasgow, UK. 


Chloe Anderson

Renowned for her low pole tricks and transitions, this workshop focuses on the lower section of the pole.


Jazzy K 

Jazzy K is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is teaching Pole for over 10 years