Beanie is a curvaceous, outrageous, loud and proud Filth Queen with a love for all things sassy, asstastic and full of Filthy  magic. You'll always hear her before you see her, especially as she's always cheering her students on and ad-libbing empowering phrases over music. YASSS-GO BABY-SHOW EM'-TELL EM'- SPANK IT-GRAB IT-CLACK- AYYY-AY! 


As the creator of the Filthy Friday movement, curator of Filthy Friday Showcases, Beanie really enjoys seeing all the bodies on the pole, taking up all the space and living their best life. 


Filthy Friday classes and workshops are the perfect blend of sensual, higher being, erotic, Fvck me style Filthyflow and twerky, jiggly hoeyness. Beanie's classes will leave you feeling empowered and unapologetic as you embrace your organic sexiness.