Vania Noble is the owner and founder of Pole Effect Studio in Worcestershire; she has been pole dancing since 2010. She has competed at several championships in the UK and in Europe, becoming the winner and runner up at several competitions including Dance Filthy Final 2018 and Runner Up at Pole Art UK 2018 and Third at MPDUK 2018.

She is originally from Brazil however it was in the UK where she found a new passion. She is a very passionate pole instructor and she feels privileged to be surrounded by inspirational and creative people and her students are her main motivation day in and day out. She wishes to be able to spread as much love for the art as possible in the years to come, at her studio and all the others who invite her in.

Her main characteristic as a pole dancer and instructor is to try and integrate musicality, dance and fluidity into her pole dance choreographies with the aim to reach the audience in a deep and emotional way.